Waku Waku Blitz! title card

Waku Waku Blitz! was the result of the collaboration between PixBuilders and our own company, Perpetual Motion Machine. They had the idea and the design, and we helped with the techy server stuff and the integration with the Facebook platform.

Most of the legwork was done by the Zend AMF server, which I discovered for this project and is pretty much one of the best solutions for communicating with a PHP server from flash , especially if you need to build something a little more complex. AMFPHP was tried out but Zend was finally more adapted to the scale and breadth of the job.

As for what it actually was, an image is worth a 1000 words, and a video is worth

(framerate * durationInSecs)

images :)

PixBuilders was also making very cute teasers that bring Waku Waku’s gameplay into the real world, check them out:

We’re all very sad that the game has gone back to the big server in the sky :(

Do, or do not. There is no try.