SAGE Journals – Games and Culture papers, for free!

Pippa told me that SAGE were offering all of their papers for free until November 30th.

They cover a lot of subjects, but the journal that interested me the most is Games and Culture, a fairly new but already very complete publication.

To download, you need to have an account (those are free too) and a lot of time… I’m devoting this lovely and cold saturday to it.

M.A.Z.E. – The roughly one month in pre-production update

Ok, so it’s been more-or-less one month since we started working on the game. What’s up?

First of all, it’s nice to see that there has not been any conflicts covert or open, SO FAR. Of course, it would be foolish to hope for peace and love during the whole pre-production period. This is (SPARTAAAA) the video game industry we’re talking about, after all. What has happened is a healthy mix of rational argument, open speech and open confrontation.

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