Eric Viennot interviewe Stéphane Natkin

Je sors de mon long silence hivernal pour vous pointer rapidement vers la première partie d’une interview qui s’annonce excellente, “Enseigner les jeux vidéo“.

Mr Viennot nous présente Mr Natkin:

[Stéphane] est capable de vous parler des mécaniques de dramaturgie mises en œuvre dans certains jeux et, dans la minute qui suit, d’évoquer, avec la même précision, le processus de création de Sol Lewitt (qu’il a exposé dans la galerie qu’il créa dans les années 90) avant de prendre quelques instants plus tard une guitare (il en possède une bonne douzaine) et de vous interpréter une chanson des Stones ou de Bob Dylan dont il possède la voix nasillarde.

A lire (et à suivre) sur l’excellent blog de Mr Viennot.

ENJMIN – New vintage of games and interactive experiences

Sorry about the short absence, work got the best of me.

What I intended to talk about earlier this week was about the latest crop of projects to come out of ENJMIN. Every year around the end of June, first year students demo their interactive pieces to the public.

This year, a grand total of seventeen works were presented. Not all of them are downloadable yet, I’ll update the list as they hit the web. Read further for the full list. Continue reading

Ateliers du Jeu Vidéo @ ENJMIN – ThatGameCompany

This week, a little bit of our precious crunch time is being devoted to attending a series of conferences held at our school. These conferences, dubbed “Les Ateliers du Jeu Vidéo” – The Videogame Workshop were organized by all-around cool guy Jean-Michel Blottière. I’ll attempt to report on some of them.

Today, the conference was held by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago via video conference. They talked about how to elicit emotion in games centered around the development of their current experimental game, “flower”.

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The Things I Do…

I understand that i should introduce myself a little, as I’m starting this from scratch in english ; All previous content was in french before, this blog is a sort of writing exercise… So, “excuse my french”!

I am actually a second-year Game Design student at ENJMIN, located in Angoulême, France. This public institution is rather new, even by the game industry standards, but is already proving to be one of the leading creative forces in Europe, as far as videogames are concerned.

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