And so it began: “Video Games: Officially Art, In Europe”

Gamasutra – Video Games: Officially Art, In Europe

France has always had an ambition: to be seen in all walks of culture as a leader, a trend-setter, as “unique”, opposed to the “mass” culture. This can be experienced when going to see a movie or attending a concert: at some point you realize that what you’re experiencing is undeniably, irrevocably french. Of course, “french” is not a synonym for “good”, far from that…

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SAGE Journals – Games and Culture papers, for free!

Pippa told me that SAGE were offering all of their papers for free until November 30th.

They cover a lot of subjects, but the journal that interested me the most is Games and Culture, a fairly new but already very complete publication.

To download, you need to have an account (those are free too) and a lot of time… I’m devoting this lovely and cold saturday to it.