Educabilia—El Blog: Diseño de videojuegos: ¿El sueño del pibe?

I was interviewed along with Daniel Benmergui on what it’s like to be a Game Designer for educabilia Argentina.

Game Design being an awesome thing to do, we both have very different things to say about it.

Oh, it’s in spanish btw.


Conversamos con dos diseñadores argentinos de juegos: una profesión magnética para cualquier amigo de “la Play”, cualquier nostálgico del Nintendo. Después de escucharlos, no estamos tan seguros de que su trabajo sea un sueño hecho realidad. Pero su oficio da curiosidad, y da para la…

theprofoundprogrammer: Introducing the first Profound…


Introducing the first Profound Programmer HD Collection! This is the result of our effort to bring the older images up to date in preparation for poster printing, as well as providing high-resolution images for you to use as wallpaper, backgrounds, toilet paper or whatever. You can get the larger images below:

what the fuck kind of variable name is data

why does everything have to be my fucking responsibility

there’s no fucking way I wrote this

why won’t you fucking work

this fucking worked in my head

I fucking hate this I hate everything

why the fuck is it doing that

this is too fucking broken to fix

why the fuck aren’t you working