Insult Swordfighting: Books that should be made into games

I stumbled upon this through Kotaku‘s Maggie Greene. The author, Mitch Krpata kicks things off:

So many games are based on movies and TV shows. Why not games based on books? There are centuries of fantastic literature to draw from, and in most cases the source material is in the public domain — no need for onerous licensing fees.


He takes Moby Dick as an example, and really, if a book should be turned into a game, it should be this one. I don’t agree with his design choice however, but as it is late Sunday, I’ll leave it be :-) .

(The thrill of tracking down a whale in the middle of a storm, the quiet towns of New England, the magic, dark characters from all over the world…  Why hasn’t anyone thought of making this!?)

So anyway, think about what YOUR favorite book would look like as a game, I’m sure you’ll find something good.

2 thoughts on “Insult Swordfighting: Books that should be made into games

  1. Wow, anything featuring Borges is fucked up already, I don’t want to imagine what a game based on his work would look like… Actually, yes, I want to.

    I will seriously give thought to this one, thanks Joe!

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