I understand that i should introduce myself a little, as I’m starting this from scratch in english ; All previous content was in french before, this blog is a sort of writing exercise… So, “excuse my french”!

I am actually a second-year Game Design student at ENJMIN, located in Angoulême, France. This public institution is rather new, even by the game industry standards, but is already proving to be one of the leading creative forces in Europe, as far as videogames are concerned.

Many student projects have received national and international awards, as well as praise from the press. You can check out some of those games here:

I myself have made a game with three more people, but that will be the subject of a future update.

So, as a Game Design student, I (try to) think about what makes a game a game, what makes it fun, what doesn’t… In a nutshell, what makes the player’s head go “tilt” when placed in front of a collection of art assets and abstract rules loosely linked, and as a result transporting him to another place.

Yeah, quite pretentious, I know… But still, I believe these are undeniably important questions that deserve devoting some brain-cycles to. So, there will be probably more on that later, and sooner than you think, too!

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  1. Hi Balthazar,

    I am a professor from Canada (University of Lethbridge) and I am currently researching a paper on ENJMIN and what differentiates it from other Graduate Games Degrees (I am very impressed with its high-concept approach). I will be traveling to France in December, 2007, to visit Angouleme, but have been having trouble contacting people in the school administration. Would you know who I should be contacting at ENJMIN and how to get hold of them? If so, then please e-mail me at james.graham@uleth.ca

    Any help that you could provide would be very much appreciated. It has proven to be very difficult to get ENJMIN information on this side of the World.

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